Great Sci Fi Books To Read

  Here is a list of some really great Sci Fi Books to read if you are interested. These of course are books I find to be Cream Of The Crop, but we all have our own opinions. Below is my list The Nemesis Vector Mars And Return To Mars Ringworld Tau Zero The Forever…

Every story needs a character or two or three

  Every story needs a character or two or three and so if you are looking for some quality character artwork for your story, game or other media endeavor, I can provide that. Check out my character art gig for unique design and unlimited revisions.

Amazing Sci Fi Screensaver

  Here is a link to my Amazing Sci Fi Screensaver. You can download a free sample version of the full screensaver here. Or purchase the full screensaver for only 5 dollars. Explore Outer Space in these 40 unique art creations. Travel from galaxy to nebula to deep space and beyond. Artistic visualization of planets…

Science Fiction Name Generators

If you are a Science fiction or Fantasy writer. Here is a list of some of the best Science Fiction and fantasy name generators on the web. These generators can help a lot with coming up with unique names, gadgets, weapons, places, starships, planets and more.;cyberpunk=Zaibatsu Sci-Fi Character Name Generator